Why I Love Movies

¤Because Jim carrey cant be rememberd for just one character ¤Because of the opening 30 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan.” ¤Because every new Coen Brothers film is different from anything they have done before. ¤Because I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. ¤Because George Lucas gave us a night of cruising in … More Why I Love Movies


Humans have always associated Ladders and stairs as going up,success and slopes as going down,failure. Stairs can be used to go down and slopes to go up. But if i go in the typical thinking way then the quote i would want to present is Slopes are made first,then stairs.

Big and Small

Priorities change with time.Toys,Thumb and Mommy are no more an amusement in life. Money was not but now it is, Learned the art of love and friendship. But tomorrow when walking towards the dead bed these wont matter too. Priorities comes with an action,which stays the same. Playing with toys, upgraded to playing with friends,playing … More Big and Small


Mommy said,the chip inside me made me think,imagine and observe ,to think beyond,to imagine beyond,to observe beyond what was once humane. A By-product of Nanotechnology,it’s now inside my cousins,friends and everyone in my school.The chips were inserted before my birth and with time its ability grew in me.My cognitive abilities has won me enemies in … More Me.