Mommy said,the chip inside me made me think,imagine and observe ,to think beyond,to imagine beyond,to observe beyond what was once humane. A By-product of Nanotechnology,it’s now inside my cousins,friends and everyone in my school.The chips were inserted before my birth and with time its ability grew in me.My cognitive abilities has won me enemies in school,i came first in everything and i am  proud of it,’Swagger Jacker’, they called me, but nothing could have brought down my happiness. Once I imagined my Dad to be a super hero and my mother, a damsel in distress, that story fetched me many fans in class. I thought i could do anything and knew i could. Just that these things that move around and type things on me,i hate them. The only thing i like is the black thread they have on top but i am too smart that i can imagine those on me.


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