that guy with A mole on his face. TALK to him, can you be normal. whatever he achieves, you will still have an amount of pitty, more like sympathy left for him because he has that mole ON his face. you might even wonder who would marry this person, that’s very rude of you and you know it. you strategically try to avoid noticing it but you fall into the trap because you can even be normal with a person with leukemia but you just can’t stand a mole just like mi-6 can’t. such HUMANS we are. imagine waking up one day with a mole on your face, you BEING in that place were you actually have a mole, you would want to chop it off even if it takes away the life from you. you could handle a bad haircut, you could handle your friend getting more chicken pieces in a biriyani and you could handle that whatsapp group spaming your mobile with thousand messages, but you can’t just handle a mole. because just like me you are also VAIN.


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