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She looked okay in the first glance

Pretty at a closer look.

Found her name

Found her Friends.

Found her facebook and

Part one ends.

Waiting for acceptance

Glued to the screen,The page flashes ‘accepted’, well why wait, dig in.

Staring at the photo, sharing it to friends, let them think I really love her and here part two ends.

After much preparation and fear I say “Hey” she say “Hi”, “How you doing” she says “fine”, then she asks “What about you” YES that totally means she is interested in me and not that she is being nice or polite. Thus starts the chat, the sigh, the sleepless nights, the texting while crossing the road, the texting while eating, the texting while bathing,ya I took the phone inside just to text, texting while sleeping

Romantic song session and also the complaining friends, you guessed it right, here the part three ends.

All signs are so evident, she likes my status and my pics, I called her once n we talked like kids,

her close friend who is actually my secret bestie not at all because she is the friend of the girl I love, tells me “oh that girl she thinks you are too nice” and I hear it as she is totally in love with me which is actually evident.

Feeling good about romantic movies, making your friends think “Look at that guy, he found the one”,Preparing for the proposal,butterfly Inside the internal organs and here ends the best part. Rose, Chocolate, On Knees, ring

no not all the usual cliches ill try something different, something too romantic, but when I reach there

who am I kidding I should just be myself. And I tell “I think I like You”.

Heart rate rises, its not actually rising but I have to prove myself that I care a ton about the answer. She takes a pause, ofcourse The love of her life, the one she always dreamed of, the guy whom she never thought as a friend has spoken the respective words which she could hav never said. The pause is good, gives me time to tell all my friends about the proposal, I do expect a lot of congrats and a few “you could have done it in a better way”, well Mr, Thank you for thinking that I am settling with this one and ya I know you are a playboy. Excited Friends, Fast beating heart here ends the fifth part. Next Part is divided into 3 according to the possibilities not because all of them happened with me its just a vision I had.

She said Yes, The wait is over, our love is complete, she never wanted the fair, tall, guitar playing,Channing Tatum guy, she wanted me And then Love happened, kiss happened just a kiss, on the cheek, a quick one , Treat for Friends happened, Beach happened, “DDLJ” “Thattathin Marayathu” and the “First half of moonu” happened and thats exactly what happened with me. We lived happily ever after and here ends part six (a).

She said “Idk what to tell I only thought of you as a friend I need time to think”That was a yes or No question but maybe is also an option it never means she likes me it is clear that she is just asking for the time to think and not giving me the time to impress her and prove my sincerity. Here my friends come in, the girl experts, they are single but they know what to do. After a very small period and not much effort she says yes, only because she got the time to think. Then we Loved each other so much that we Lived happily ever after. Here ends part six (b)

She says “No”, heart ache, Numb fingers, I am going to die, this is the end of my life. She stabs more “I saw a friend in you” Yes She never said she loves me but wasn’t it evident that she did, “Oh playing hard to get” I think. A hour long chat, apologies, drama and by the end of it she says “Get over me”(i didn’t laugh because it was not funny in a pervy way) yes ofcourse, isn’t that easy, that’s what I had in mind or I should get all sad and whiny, tell my friends I’ll suicide because I need them around. Days go by She can no more see me as a friend, Fun fact ‘Girls check you out after they reject you’ and I am super sad,long grown beard, she realizes my true love, she hates the fact that I like her and so she chats with me more,calls me more, and sincerely asks “You got over me”This Gives birth to two other possibilities

¡) I say “idk, its not a simple teenage love, its deep, wide, rock hard, well polished, Strong, durable, elastica and withstands all weather conditions. She is mesmerized by my sincerity, I come in her dreams, every guy she look she sees me, she becomes shy around me, she laughs at my lame jokes,her hair gets curls and she brings up the Relationship Topic.

I am too naive to guess that she likes, I hardly try to talk her into saying yes , she might be in the might area but soon OMG she says yes, I fill her up with all my love,dates,friends, wedding, kids and We Lived happily ever after.

¡¡) I didnt get over Her, She Tells me lets pause and not talk, with much sad I agree. Emo mode On, All is lost, I will die single,this ice cream is not tasty anymore, sleep deprived and Sun Raha hai Na thu. Time passes I suddenly realises Being single rocks, having a girl sucks, love and other shit stay away, Partying with friends, round up good looking girls and flirt with them, I am so awesome and here part six (c) ends.

That one was a really sad and totally imaginary part.

One Life One Girl One Love

I never got attracted to any other girl, casual Flirting was never there, didn’t even think about falling in love with the random girl I saw at the mall or the street.

Its Either I am deeply in love with this angel for rest of my life or Live my life single and proud,without trying for a love ,enjoying the time with my friends and here, the last part ends.


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