Two eclairs the lady with a kid signalled the shopkeeper and checked her purse for coins. Filled with few papers and few 10 rupee notes, the mother couldn’t get 2 rupee coin, the kid kept tapping the glass rack, pointing at Dark Fantasy and asking his mom to buy it.The shopkeeper gave the toffees to the kid,the mother told the kid that they will buy the biscuit some other day and flashed a 10 rupee note to the shopkeeper who had no change to give. The lady went through her purse again, the shopkeeper said its okay, take the toffee and she can pay for it the next time she comes by. The lady felt little awkward, the kid kept looking at his mothers purse wishing a 2 rupee coin would come out. The lady took the candy from her son and gave it back, the shopkeeper repeated that it’s okay and to pay next time. The lady replied it’s not right and that she will buy it the next time. They shared a smile, the kid made no fuss and the lady left with him and the shopkeeper kept the toffee back into its box.

The lady taught me not take something that you didn’t earn.

The shopkeeper taught me that somethings matter more than money.

The kid taught me how one should understand his mother

Like this, everyone I met have taught me something…

The Drunk guy in the bus was indeed funny but he taught me how ridiculous it can be to get drunk and disturb the public.

The girls who never accepted me (a little few) taught me that whatever I tried with them isn’t my strategy to success.

Whatever I am today is what I have learned from everyone I met and I live with. They all were and are my teachers and even I am one, to the people who meet me.


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