Crushed Vol.1 : Debut Station

UKG to 1st Standard was a sudden change. No one came to pick me up from school, in a packed auto rickshaw, I sat with sweaty, smelly kids. Marks and Exams started to matter and parents made big deal out of them. But the worse was Everyone had the same dress and no one was special. One Monday morning when I was indulged in the multitudes of addition and subtraction, my attention skipped from the book to a girl near me. No, she was not a new student, in fact we were neighbors, but that day I think the beauty sensor inside me found it’s connection. Special lady , like every girl looked good but she was more good, I mean some kind of happiness and a breeze, I never had gotten that and I was sure this was not something which will happen often, you won’t find every good looking girl this attractive (I proved myself wrong in the later years) and so that evening inside the auto rickshaw, I developed a first crush and without thinking for another second I kissed her on the cheek. But that was supposedly an act of immorality. The auto driver told the “news” to my mother. I was forced to withdraw my love, the elders were heartless. For the happiness of the elders I had to throw away my feelings. “I had to grow up to do all these things”. My life went back to meaningless alphabetic and numbers . I have seen her after that, maybe she never stood near me or talked to me, i don’t know and now I don’t even remember her face or Name. But that feeling, that still reciprocates at places.


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