Those were the times when I started watching Hollywood films, not because i understood them but because it had a world and people I had never seen. Titanic, Terminator 2, matrix, mummy and all were the regular thing.

You see this stylish looking people and humongous sets and develops that ‘west is the ultimatum‘ mentality . Out of all, Lara Croft Tomb Rider was the life changing epic. No not because it had a female lead ( damn you chauvinist), It was that female, who changed things in me, not just in places near the zip but also in places near the buttons. The women while stepping out of the bath tub poked hundred hormones. The edgy attire and sharp looks, I couldn’t even spell her name correctly then, but…I had this dream. ‘Riding off into sunset‘, like she riding the bike and me sitting behind (ya back then also I was really cool about women driving).

Her voice reminded me of dominoes, one word smoothly falling onto the other. Those days, in internet cafe’s, her name used to be the second thing I googled ( first being Pokemon Simulator, see I was a kid). One can’t even get a glimpse of there regional actresses and I imagined to end up with her . It was a bigger world but fantasizing those moments plants few hopes and each day when I knew more about her it sprouted a little more. I clearly knew, know it’s not gonna happen (and to prove me wrong universe will make it happen, but if I act like I won’t get her so the universe could surprise, then the universe probably knows That and wouldn’t let it happen. Yes, so it’s basically a tricky game between me and the universe). Desire all you can, because it’s free and also kinda fun to entertain yourself with those fantasies.


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