Crushed Vol.3: Uno Swain

Over the years I had  interacted with many girls and maybe some small crushes that you don’t feel like trying for, because you are too good in your studies and busy learning things about world, people and politics (not because I didn’t have the guts to approach them). But by 9th standard I realized I was becoming a man ( internet cafe’s played it’s part. No not what you are thinking, I moved on from Pokemon Simulator to Need for Speed).
                                             I had a crush prevailing across months and ogling at her helped me through the useful geography, civics and chemistry classes. One day for no particular reason I took a pencil of her’s, after few days I realized that was really pointless and stupid, following that I had another realization ‘I might be in love?’.
                             In ten day’s I was more concentrated on the excitement of being in love rather than concentrating on the love. Internet helped me again, I knew a face to face confrontation was not at all challenging , chat boxes were scary and thrilling (believe me). I had told no friend because
1) I didn’t want to jinx it,
2) I was not entertained by them giggling at me, every time she walked into the class.
The day she said yes there was no background music or dancers but I was overflowing with unimaginable ecstasy. Men are mostly desiring for,not desired by. When I started to get desired by, well both of our phone bills shot up. I thought I was old enough now but not actually, that was…
Supposedly the worst age, according to the society, to have a cross gender exchange of company. I was purely into feeling the moments rather than trying to be that ‘mischievous romeo‘, those days I just felt like smiling all the time.  Elderly forces in the school criticized it as a distraction from the academics because I was the topper ( I sucked, I actually improved by 5% so I wouldn’t have to fail in front of her). Some good days with a good person. But everything good has to end. Over some wet cheek days, I decided to resume the journey alone.
                                     We hardly felt the physical self of the other, not because I was a chicken, but because our relationship was enigmatic and pure( I kinda mean that okay). Not even one fight popped up in the almost two year long timeline. It’s always good to have the someone special, mainly because they are not allowed to judge you, which means….you can try all your lame jokes on them.

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