During the Post-Relationship era I had thoughts about the chances of me having a girlfriend in the future. If someone is not there to compliment your beauty you will feel that less beautiful and you experience the ‘why should i dress, whom to show’. 10th vacation was filled with movies and football/cricket sessions with friends. Though it helped me enough out of my mundane life, what really took me off was a day in a bus stop.

 People think that admitting about there beliefs in love at first sight would make them look like a ‘love slut’. No it just means you feel things quicker. An empty bus stop, Kerala road transportation corporation rarely sends bus through that way so I had a long wait.

On a white scooty sitting behind her mother a girl passed by me. Dressed in red Churidhar, she had the ethnic beauty look which put up a smile on my face. My face panned with the phase of the scooty and she saw me noticing and like an approval she smiled back, we kept smiling at each other till she moved off into distance. I should have taken an auto, followed the scooty, asked her name in sign language, search her in facebook , start conversation. OR I should run, really fast, finally catching them at a red light and then she would whisper her name.

But no I just stood there imagining possibilities, which are no more possible. That little thing called heart hints you things and it told me her name was Anjali. Spent weeks going through almost all the Anjali profiles in facebook ( thousands of profiles, parents should be more creative in naming there kids). With each day i forgot how she looked, I hoped to run into her like this again but never happened (maybe she was just an imagination, hallucination of a fragile mind. That would be kinda cool).

                                                          But what if I had found her? What if we dated? What if we ended up in the usual relationship chorus? After few years I realized it’s a better story because I didn’t find her. Her smile gave me the hopes for a new relationship And I appreciated my looks for sometime. So like every other story, with that day’s moral, the hero improved(me). I found a new beautiful girlfriend soon, with this newly achieved confidence, we made each other smile, I enthralled her with my romantic gestures and then we drove off into the sunset ( just kidding, I hate driving).


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