11th and 12th, the thug times and the senior swags. Almost everyone had a crush and some got promotions. These are the times when a teenager goes really crazy because he/she has almost stepped out to the real world, end of a 14 year long routine. Thus the mischievous hormones inside me got connected. But no I didn’t do much things that I could proudly talk about. But the next crush was odd enough. You won’t really need some things, but when someone tells you it can’t be yours. Then You’ll go hooligans. I was hooliganified. The teenager crazy, it’s more stupid than crazy. I couldn’t keep it inside, so over the time of few months, humans around me witnessed the crazy, stupid, cynic outflow of things called feelings. There were late nights, really late, some bad stuffs, but yes there were good stuffs too. All bad things, has an ending. My crush also ended after reaching some unknown levels. ‘Alas, only if it had’a good ending’ no I never thought that because those late bad nights, they made me vomit good sentences scooped out of sentiments. The thing about bad decisions are you never take them twice, a ‘intellectual growth‘ i would call that, so practically I had leveled up and became more awesome.

You expected to read my romantic escapades?? Well Life hardly gives you what you expect for and it will leave you with stupid decisions. But take all those stupid decisions,do all the bad things you can, as early as possible.


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