There is a general misconception that love stories have only one type of happy ending. You have a crush. They say yes. Goes to a moderately expensive cafe. Shares the dessert. Tries to tactically touch there hand’s. Lots of love, marriage, kids and happily ever after (lol). But I am gonna talk about the second type of happy ending. I liked I girl, I haven’t talked to her but still I have a crush. Did the first thing any boy of my age would do, kindle friendship with her best friend (because the way to a girl’s heart is through her best friend’s). It gets a little tricky from here because I can’t/ shouldn’t give out any ‘I like your best friend’ vibe or make the best friend feel that I like her (yes best friend should be a girl, boy best-friends doesn’t give you the way to her heart). After doubtful days I messaged her, casual talks at first and after few days, it happened, an overnight chat about life, love and philosophical shit, from then on the relationship got tighter. I walked the fine line between becoming a friend and ‘crush-fellow‘ planting few hints in between and watering them now and then. At times when I got chance I became little rude and open (playing nicey-nicey just looks really fake). She knew something was coming up ( people likes it knowing that somebody likes them, it’s like a living token of appreciation ), so she also played along and along and along until I finally dropped the bomb which would diffuse on an Yes or No answer. A voice inside my head told me something it had been telling me for few days, something I didn’t want to listen, something I knew but didn’t want to accept ( it will be revealed as a not so good suspense). She said she will think about it (actually she said ‘I don’t know’, like she didn’t know) but then I gave it a few days. It’s good to hope for a miracle. Yes it was good to hope for a miracle but then it didn’t happen, it was no and then we remained friends, having awkward conversation of me trying to hint my ahm ahm and she trying the best to not give me expectations. It was late but on a sunny afternoon, on a usual brief chatting session I analysed her movie tastes. One by one the girl’s portraits inside my head broke down into pieces joyful disagreements. In a week I looked at her, I looked at over my love filled shades. Different tastes, ideologies and thoughts, I ended up thinking why I liked her in the first place. It was a pleasure to imagine how badly our relationship would have went. Thus the Happy Ending even after a No. Coming back to the suspense, I always knew she wasn’t fit for me, even few of my comrades had advised me on that but then she looks good, it’s a slap on there face if I get her and I hated being single ( plus the envy of fellow guys). Life is not just Sad endings, alternative happy ones like these, exist, which hides in the present to surprise you in the future and it’s no shameful thing to accept that you liked someone for “materialisticagendas.


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