I saw her at the mall. An overly crowded shopping mall with equal number of rich’s (who came to buy stuffs) and poor’s (who came to see stuffs). I have been to some around 9 malls and they all have their food courts in the top floor. A person reaching the top floor is likely to be drained and caught by hunger, hence the positioning of the food court ? ( Or maybe some other extraordinary reason?). It’s mandatory to buy something in the food court (in most cases it’s the only place in a mall with something that costs under 100Rs). So like any other teenage boy group trying to drain out time on a summer afternoon (Yes some people come for the A.C), me and my friends were wandering around analysing female beauty with pleasure and male beauty with envy (‘beauty’ sounds kinda odd but the sentence seem better, donchyattink). We have been sprawling through this mall for the last 3 days, spending around 4-5 hour each day in it and most days our adventure would end on a four chaired table in the food court. We were almost done with that day’s sprawling, two of my friends had to use the washroom, so me and another comrade of mine went for a small round of walk. (You might be thinking “why is this guy giving these unlikely detailing”, it’s just a tool to build up the moment, if you are not thinking that, I love you). So me and this comrade was indulged in a conversation about the tea price which was 49Rs and how a normal tea shop would give a better tea (most probably) for 7rs. My eyes skipped from the big lit menu board to the girl in the cash counter. I would have slapped myself if I still denied the existence of love at first sight. Dressed in black and wearing a fair skin, the girl smiled at each customer as she took in their money ( maybe with little pity for having a tea worth 49Rs ). There was a little chill in my body, I discussed my overwhelming feeling with my comrade (I’ll just use it one more time) and rushed to the washroom to announce the homecoming of feelings to my other 2 mates. Everyone was very excited, they had never seen me like that, even I haven’t seen me like that. Before the hype could blow over the roof I dragged them (we walked) to the area in front of her food court. All my mates were highly impressed by the girl (which is not that good but then my mates knew only I was charming enough to…, SERIOUSLY). Coming back to the girl, it was summer holidays and this girl is working at a cash counter, she wouldn’t be more than 19 and she was standing there earning bread for her family (Respect Meter Rating : 7.9/10). The way her hair has settled on her shoulders is the first thing that comes to me, I do wanna recall the moment and explain her beauty like poets do, but if you look at poetry, it’s comparisons, of women/their parts largely with nature or a thing or another famous woman ( which if I use in today’s world would end up hurting feminist feelings, not that it’s right of me to use it, even i would get bugged if someone compare my hair to sea and shiz). Clock was ticking, so was my knees, to go and talk to her is the plan (duh). My comrades ( done) and myself hatched a plan, ‘that I would go and buy something from there (well it’s obviously the ‘piece of cake’ plan donchyattink ) but we also had a step 2, I’ll buy something of smaller denomination and will then flash a 1000Rs note (Special Mention to the friend who had 1000Rs note) and strike a conversation over change (for a change, ha ha ha). There was an elderly man around 40’s standing near us looking into the food court (I’ll come back to that soon). Before doing such important life steps one should take deep breathes, but in my case I took a lot of it, my friends couldn’t clearly see that I was taking long breathes and preparing, they started calling me names and lost all hope on me. But I was just getting ready and every time I looked at her the temperature fell down, i could feel an oil factory up and running on my nose . When I was finally ready (no more a &#$$¥), I flipped my hair and turned around, one more deep breath and waited for a customer standing at the counter to leave so I can get a clear window. But to all our surprise she moved away, she would probably comeback in a minute I thought. But we noticed her moving towards us ( I swear, it was like those movie moments) but she stopped by that elderly man ( connects here) they had a little chat and they walked to the other side of the Dessert’s section. That was it, a plan waited and wasted. I moved to the desserts section, sat a few table across her and laying my head on the table (weeping inside) stared at her, I studied her face and features. The man looked like a dad or an uncle (we weren’t sure of it). She had some ice cream in wafer cone . I promised myself if I get a chance at this again I won’t be a &#$$¥, but I knew it was the end of the line (yaaa you guessed it, things get really sad). She and the daddy/uncle walked out to the stairs and she walked out of my life (actually they used an escalator but i took creative freedom). Me and my mates sat down and chilled there for a while, addressing an epic (almost) 20 minutes that had the potential to become a good memory. We then roamed around a bit and left the mall by night fall. (You read the whole thing huh? i know it’s freaking long, I love you again).


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