Two eclairs the lady with a kid signalled the shopkeeper and checked her purse for coins. Filled with few papers and few 10 rupee notes, the mother couldn’t get 2 rupee coin, the kid kept tapping the glass rack, pointing at Dark Fantasy and asking his mom to buy it.The shopkeeper gave the toffees to … More TeachUs

Code: L0V3

She looked okay in the first glance Pretty at a closer look. Found her name Found her Friends. Found her facebook and Part one ends. Waiting for acceptance Glued to the screen,The page flashes ‘accepted’, well why wait, dig in. Staring at the photo, sharing it to friends, let them think I really love her … More Code: L0V3


that guy with A mole on his face. TALK to him, can you be normal. whatever he achieves, you will still have an amount of pitty, more like sympathy left for him because he has that mole ON his face. you might even wonder who would marry this person, that’s very rude of you and … More MOLE

There Satisfaction

After some over used intercourse positions. The lady gets on her knees ti recieve the semen ,sometimes she takes it on her bossoms or sometimes on her mouth. She will then give a smile and some dialogue on how good it tastes,as if she was working on this machine all along to get a tasty … More There Satisfaction

Why I Love Movies

¤Because Jim carrey cant be rememberd for just one character ¤Because of the opening 30 minutes of “Saving Private Ryan.” ¤Because every new Coen Brothers film is different from anything they have done before. ¤Because I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. ¤Because George Lucas gave us a night of cruising in … More Why I Love Movies


Humans have always associated Ladders and stairs as going up,success and slopes as going down,failure. Stairs can be used to go down and slopes to go up. But if i go in the typical thinking way then the quote i would want to present is Slopes are made first,then stairs.